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Sustainable Gardening

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Ahuwale Farms and Flowers, LLC, is a small-scale nursery committed to sustainable agriculture and sharing our passion for Native Hawaiian plants that are used in Hawaiian lei.

Located in the ahupua`a of Wailupe, 200 feet above sea level on the ridge of ʻĀina Haina, Oahu.  Our plants are currently for sale at TBD.  We have 3 inch, 6 inch and gallon sizes. 

Although we are only offering a handful of plant species for now, the farm is home to 36 native plants: 16 Indigenous (native to Hawaii and elsewhere), 11 Endemic (native only in Hawaii), 9 Polynesian introduced/canoe plants. Out of that total, 12 species are on the Federal Endangered Species List. 


Check out our Plant Inventory and Native Plant Sale pages for future dates of our wholesale plant sale, and don't forget to read more "About Us" to learn about the farm. 

What We Share

Plant Inventory

Lei Making

Native Plant Sale

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